Frequently asked questions for M Tech (ICT) program

  1. What are the courses that I will be doing in the M.Tech program?

    The program structure requires a student to do 12 to 15 courses depending on the mode (thesis/project).  The webpage lists all the courses in the M.Tech curriculum.

  2. I have a CS/EC background. How will the courses in VLSI and Communication Systems / Computer Science help me?

    Being an ICT program, students are required to learn Communication Systems to understand how machines/devices communicate and VLSI to understand what techniques are required to make smart embedded systems such as smartphones, wearables etc.  Apart from engineering background, students are required to learn the algorithmic and programming aspects of computer systems/technology to understand ICT.

  3. Does the M.Tech (ICT) curriculum allow me to specialize in a particular area? If yes, how, and which are some of these areas.

    Yes, there is enough opportunity to specialize in ICT or allied areas enabled through choice of courses.  The area that a student ends up specializing in will depend on the course work and research/project work that the student carries out during the course of the program.  A student can choose among the multiple group core courses that are provided in the curriculum.  Group core courses provide an opportunity to dwell deeper into areas of his/her research interest.

  4. What if I want to select multiple options between VLSI, Embedded Systems, Theoretical Computer Science for my project?

    The number of thesis/project that a student works on will be limited to one.  However, the problem that the student works on can be interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary.

  5. Does an admission offer guarantee a stipend? And is the stipend guaranteed for all semesters?

    Admission does not guarantee a stipend.  Initially, TAship will be merit based. Subsequently it will depend on the academic performance and performance as a TA.  Thus stipend is not guaranteed but is to be earned. From the academic year 2018 the number of teaching assistantship has been revised to 55 from 40.

  6. What will Teaching Assistantship involve and how much time does the institute expect me to dedicate for this role?

    Teaching Assistantship usually involves assisting the instructor with managing and conducting laboratory/tutorial sessions, grading assignments and quizzes, taking attendance, and handling other queries related to the course. On an average, the TA is expected to spend about 10-12 hours per week.

  7. Will I get hostel accommodation? If yes, for what duration and what are the associated charges?

    All girls admitted to the M.Tech program will be eligible for on-campus hostel accommodation.  For boys admitted to the M.Tech program, hostel accommodation is subject to availability of rooms.

  8. What is the difference between Thesis mode and Project mode? When do I have to decide and can I switch?

    The thesis mode requires completion of a year long research project to be undertaken under guidance of a faculty.  A Thesis Mode student is required to earn 38 credits from coursework and 22 credits from thesis work
    The project mode is usually industry led projects that span for 4 months during the last semester.  A Project Mode student is required to earn 47 credits from course work and 13 credits from project work.  
    Student entry in Thesis mode will be decided based on student choice and counseling by faculty at the end of First semester

  9. What are the career prospects via each mode (Thesis/Project)?

    Students with inclination towards research will benefit from Thesis mode.  It will help them in further studies too.
    A student opting for project mode is expected to make a career in the industry.

  10. What is the average, minimum and maximum salary package offered to M.Tech students in the last 2 / 3 years?

    Last year, the average CTC for M.Tech (ICT) students was 9 lakhs per annum.

  11. Is the M.Tech (ICT) degree recognized by government institutes/organizations?

    DA-IICT is recognized by UGC, hence all the degrees awarded by DA-IICT are recognized by all agencies.

  12. Can I do M.Tech in part time mode?

    No.  The M.Tech program at DA-IICT is a full time program.

  13. What is the number of seats in the M.Tech program?

    The current sanctioned strength for M.Tech program is 80.

  14. Am I guaranteed admission after payment of fees?

    The shortlisted candidates are required to pay fees to continue with the admission process. However, this does not guarantee admission. The final merit list is prepared from the list of candidates who have paid fees. Based on this the status of a candidate will be either confirmed for admission or waitlisted. The waitlisted candidates will be offered confirmed seats based on cancellation of confirmed admissions as per merit. The entire admission process gets over before the commencement of classes.

    Note: Top 55 of the finally selected candidates will be eligible for a stipend of Rs. 12,400 per month in the form of teaching assistantship.

  15. What is the refund policy?

    The refund policy can be accessed here.