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The National Institute of Co-operative Management (NICM), Near Indroda Circle, Gandhinagar, has agreed to spare 11 furnished rooms (double occupancy) in NICM campus hostel for 2016-17 batches of post-graduate male students of DA-IICT.  The NICM hostel has canteen facility.  The distance between DA-IICT and NICM is 1.5 km.  The terms and conditions to avail the  facility are as follows: 

  1. The number of rooms reserved for students of DA-IICT is 11 (22 beds).   NICM  may provide a few more rooms after their admissions by 18th July, 2016.
  2. The rent per occupant is Rs.37,000/- for one  year (including electricity and all other charges) plus a refundable security deposit of Rs.5,000/-.  This rate is as applicable to NICM students. The rent and caution deposit are to be paid directly to NICM on allotment of the room.    The rent paid will be fully forfeited if the occupant vacates the hostel in between the one year period.
  3. The room shall be allotted to the student directly by NICM on recommendation of DA-IICT and the occupant shall be bound to follow the hostel rules and regulations of NICM. 
  4. It is compulsory for the student to avail the facility once committed. 

The students who are availing the above facility should send an e-mail to Mr Jainik Patel, Academic Assistant, Registrar’s Office, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar (E-mail ID:  The allotment will be made on the basis of the date and time of the mail received.    


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The applicants are advised to keep checking their email for communication. All communication will be done through website and email only.

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